Coal, Carbon & Greed

©Paul K Anderson

©Paul K Anderson

Initiative petition #3 – a 2014 ballot measure proposal that would have gutted our state’s RPS – was the latest effort in a long string of failed attempts by fossil fuel interests to rollback clean energy laws, hurting workers and communities throughout Oregon.

Big Money Interest Behind Attacks
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – an industry lobby group heavily subsidized by Exxon Mobile and the oil and coal conglomerate Koch Industries – has been a key force behind efforts to dismantle state clean energy laws.

The first waves of attacks were an aggressive campaign to win outright repeal of state clean energy laws. Fortunately, strong public support for clean energy turned that into a losing strategy. Their most recent attempts are more deceptive. ALEC is the ghostwriter of  legislation that looks and sounds like a pro-renewable bill but in the end, guts the very standards people support.

During the 2013 Oregon legislative session an ALEC copycat bill aimed at redefining how hydroelectric energy would be counted toward the RPS was introduced but failed to gain any support. IP#3 followed the same approach – redefine what counts toward future clean energy goals so that the goals become meaningless.

“Given the health, environmental and economic benefits of clean energy for Oregon, why would anyone want to dilute the renewable portfolio standard?” – Senator Michael Dembrow

Thanks to strong support from Oregon businesses, lawmakers, community groups, and people like you we preserved Oregon’s national competitiveness by beating back this threat to our strong RPS law and paved the way for an even lower carbon emissions future. Of course, we know the fight isn’t over. There are a lot of runaway profits at stake for carbon energy producers. A campaign of misinformation is being funded by a handful of special interests and mega corporations. Billions of dollars are going to fund the “climate change countermovement.

Here’s a short video connecting the dots on the multi-million dollar climate change denial campaign funded by the Koch Brother billionaires.

Scientific facts and public support are on the side of clean energy. We hope you are too. Stand with us now and help Protect Our Energy Future. Click here to get email updates.